A blink of eyes is a moment of eyelid action - barely seen, observed or even thought of. Yet, it's a powerful expression - one that connects darkness with light, dreams with reality, and imagination with facts. Indeed, a blink of eyes can transport and spawn a whole new world - one where a new dimension can be explored, borders can be transcended and life and newer meaning of living, as you may like it, can unfold.

At MINT INFOTECH, we work innovatively to bring about exactly this experience. That is - how your world can change with a blink of an eye. We, in fact, endeavour to explore the myriad dimensions of the digital technology and bring to you images and solutions which unravel the most precise and perfect edifice to your dreams.

And hence, our motto 'Integrate, Innovate, Inspire, Impact'. Because no one can help bare your thoughts and dreams like we do.

  • We INTEGRATE and build on your insights.
  • We INNOVATE by developing new approaches and shape strategies, champion change and optimize operations.
  • We INSPIRE by collaborating, communicating candidly and build talent.
  • We IMPACT by achieving results, making sound business deliverable and delivering customer value.

MINT INFOTECH, as the name suggests, has all the ingredients to bring you the flavor of your choice. To name a few - innovation, unique services, technical integrity and need-based approach - all work to your advantage. Challenging the "Me too" approach used conventionally, we offer tailor-made 3D solutions which help bridge the gap between you and digital world. What's more, we offer all the services under one roof - providing you total 3D solutions with a versatile and qualified team of professionals to handle various projects.

We don't only create unique and exquisite solutions. The difference we provide is in our level of services. In fact, we are more inclined to implement solutions rather than sell solutions. This marked departure from convention not only enhances our credibility but also makes our clients more confident.


The success of our operations can be gauged from the fact that we achieved our annual target in only six months of the first year of operation. This was possible due to the dedication of our core team of professionals and delivering our services before the deadline set by our esteemed clients. In tandem with our motto, ''Integrate, Innovate, Inspire, Impact', MINT INFOTECH has set out to explore the ever-increasing opportunities in international markets for multimedia - specifically animation and architectural visualization.


MINT INFOTECH has been developing customized Architectural Walkthroughs and Perspectives. Our development experience, clubbed with knowledge of best of the breed Multimedia Technologies and tools, enable us to deliver projects which far exceed customer expectations in terms of time schedule, stability and scalability.


MINT INFOTECH Pvt. Ltd. was established with a view to providing single-point solutions to entire 3D & Multimedia-related needs of not only big organizations but also of individuals of 21st century. The company aims to bridge the digital divide by helping raise awareness about animation and promoting its versatile application in unfolding a new, bold and wonderful world where your dreams turn into reality.

And to do just that, we offer you an amazing diversity in animation field - be it Virtual Reality, Architectural Visualization or 3D Interactive Animations in a fresh perspective, and what have you. We have a young, progressive, result-oriented and customer-friendly team of professionals who portray a company culture brimming with efficiency, promptness in service and warmth.

In fact, from the moment you start dealing with us, you are set to enjoy one of your most rewarding experiences. We at MINT INFOTECH are fully organized to take care of all the essential elements to make digital info-tech comfortable for you.

The varied areas of activities of Digital Creations include :

  • Virtual Reality
  • Architectural Visualization
  • 3D Interactive Animations